The Alphabet Lullaby

Ask me, my darling, to find a good path;
Blame me, my dear, for one who above ;
Сover of darkness will make you asleep;
Dim anxious spirits will stare in your deep.
Ever and never you`d have the same dream
Faint quiet whisper will follow the beam,
Gleaming with tender of thousands of stars,
Hiding and playing on crowns of the tzars.
Inkling of secret will leave you awoken
Joy of your life will inspire the folk.
Keeping the secret the bird will proceed,
Luring my princess straight into the weed
Meowing the cat`ll try to capture the mouse.
Nursing queen`s baby and passing the house,
Ordering servants to clean up the mess a
Prince, handsome, adult, will gift you a dress
Quivering, happy, you`ll еnter the Court
Round as a circus and near the port.
Sea is so near, you hear its splash,
Tremendous vessels are fast as a flash.
Under the water is a human-faced fish,
Veiling her flippers, producing a squish,
Waiting for someone to celebrate with
X-stmas, and tell a mysterious myth.
You... Are you sleeping? Good night so!