Ode to Joy

When I was taking classes of business writing in our university all of us were taught to use brainstorming before the actual process. It means that you should put on you list everything that comes into your mind just not to have your sheet blank. And use phrase "I`m stuck", when you cannot produce anything.
I`m stuck.
I`m stuck.
I`m stuck.
I`m stuck!
Well, first of all, I need to explain, why I decided to make up this review. Before now being completely indifferent to large dolls, I thought that tiny is my size. Don`t misunderstand me, I still love my little dolls, but...
Oh, my God, David is awesome! When I glanced at him, I felt that something did change in my life, it was a shock, I was exited and delighted. "Love caught us suddenly, leaped at us like a murderer appearing from out of nowhere in an alley, and struck us both down at once. Like lightning, like a Finnish knife!" as once said one well-known writer. I stared at his photos again and again, I felt better when I did it, no matter why was I upset. But time flew, and I realized, that it wasn`t enough. So, I went to the site and ordered him. That`s the story.
But wait for a minute, I`ll try to describe, what my thoughts look like when I am summoning David`s image in my mind.
Yellow eyes. I`m completely sure I see them in my mind. My mooneyed guy. Involuntarily I started to draw parallels between David and The Youngest, the main hero of Russian game "Turgor".
I think, the fiirst teaser photos made me think so.
Don`t they resemble each other?

Also I thought about one more character, from a game too. His name is Alexander Block, and he is a young general, trying to save an infected little town in the middle of endless steppe. His nickname is Pepel, which means "ash" in Russian.

Graphics of these games are quite poor, so all the similarities are just in my feelings, I agree.
My David wouldn`t be the Youngest or Alexander, his character is just inspired by these people.
His name is Yaroslav (Yar, Yaska) Pepel
He is a young colonel, believing in miracles. And he is a bit lonely in his outpost camp far from civil citizens.
I think, it`s a good start for a long game.


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